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A State Level Seminar on “In Search Of Religious Harmony”

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Ramakrishna Math, Pune conducted a 2-days Seminar on “In Search Of Religious Harmony” On 12th & 13th March 2011 Celebrating 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. The details are as follows:

The Chief Guest, Hon. Justice of Mumbai High Court, Mr. Pradip B. Majumdar, inaugurated the 2-day seminar with lighting the Deep (Lamp). He was accompanied with Hon. Fr. Francis D Britto, Bhante Rajaratan and Gyani Malkiat Singh and Swami Atmapriyananda.

Swami Shrikantananda, Adhyaksha, Ramakrishna Math, Pune gave welcome address. He briefly summarized the purpose of this seminar. He addressed the harmony of religions as depicted in the life of Sri Ramakrishna.

Welcome Function for New Adhyaksha Maharaj

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On the cool and serene evening of 26th Dec, 2010, Ramakrishna Math, Pune along with its more that 1200 devotees witnessed a heart warming farewell function of revered Swami Bhaumanandaji Maharaj who has been the Adhyaksha of Pune Math for the last 25 years, and enthusiastically welcomed his successor – Swami Srikantanandaji Maharaj, who has worked at Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad for more than 20 years.

The program commenced with ‘Chitirupe Sarada’ - the soulful rendering of devotional songs in praise of the Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi, sung by Mrs. Anjali Dhopavkar and Mrs. Sahasrabuddhe. The script was written and presented by Mrs. Jayashree Natu. This was particularly dedicated to Sri Sarada Devi; the next day i.e. 27th being the birthday tithi puja of the Holy Mother.

Christmas Eve Celebrations

Christmas Eve was celebrated with great enthusiasm, like every year, in Ramakrishna Math Pune. The picture of Mother Mary with Baby Jesus was worshipped in the shrine with candles and cake offerings.

Melodious Carol songs were sung by the monastic members of the ashrama followed by a discourse in Marathi on the life and teachings of Lord Jesus Christ by Swami Buddhananda Maharaj of Pune Math. All the devotees partook of the cake Prasad after the discourse and the atmosphere of peace and joy was evident on everybody’s face.



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